Switching capacity of coin machines


Note on the switching capacity of coin machines!

A switching capacity of 16A AC1 is specified for the coin-operated machines. This is the specified nominal load with a purely resistive load.

When used on infrared cabins, horse solariums, sunbeds, fluorescent tubes, motors (AC-3), LED lamps, etc., a contactor must be used.
Please clarify this with your installer or electrician in advance.

The specification 16 A AC-1 refers to ohmic consumers. These are loads that have approximately the same resistance value when cold and when hot. So the current is always the same. This is not a problem for the relay contacts. Lightbulbs, halogen lamps, LED lamps or energy-saving lamps can generate an inrush current of up to 50 times the rated current. This higher switch-on current (or the switch-off current in the case of inductive loads such as ballasts or motors) leads to an arc between the contacts and this can weld the contacts. The coin-operated machine is then defective!