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token and coins

Here you will find a wide assortment of different tokens and tokens. Of course, in the version the tokens differ in size but also in the material or in the design there are differences. If your token is not listed here, please contact us.

We also gladly send you a token as a sample.

grooved coins

Profiled / grooved tokens have a specific profile due to...

perforated coins (coins with a hole )

Here you will find tokens with a round central hole in the...

coins for NZR coin machine

The coin machines from NZR are often operated with tokens....

Miele token

Miele tokens and cheap alternatives Below you will find...

Tokens for showers

Below you will find original shower brands and shower coins...

coins for Holtkamp coin machine

Holtkamp coin machines are often operated with tokens. Below...

Tokens as a Euro replacement

Tokens as a Euro replacement Here you will find tokens that...

cheap standard tokens

cheap standard tokens

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Advantages coin machines with tokens

The advantages of tokens against Euro coins are obvious: No direct equivalent in the coin machines of the device to be controlled, thus uninteresting for departure or theft. When selling tokens, you have made a sale, even whey they are not used immediately. Customers will spend tokens more freely than cash, as they don’t perceive these to be money. Coin machines are often used in multi-family houses or laundry rooms for controlling washing machines and dryers. There, the risk in many places is classified as quite high. These tokens are suitable for a wide range of applications including arcade machine projects, photo booths and various commercial, museum, exhibition or academic projects.

Token for shower

Water for showers, unfortunately, we often considered by guests or residents on campsites, marinas, apartments, refugee accommodation, room rentals, etc. as a free good. Accordingly wastefully we dealt with it. With the use of tokens or tokens as a shower brand you can easily limit the water and energy costs.

Token for coin boxes for washing machine or dryer

The use of tokens is also popular as a laundry brand. Tokens with tokens are often used in laundry rooms of multi-family homes for controlling washer and dryer. Again, the advantage is the more meaningful handling of the devices again.

Tokens with embossing

We can also stamp the tokens with your logo or name. Please ask. We'd love to create an offer for you.