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grooved coins

Profiled / grooved tokens have a specific profile due to the grooves, which must match the profile of the mechanical coin validator. Only profiled / grooved tokens with the appropriate profile will be accepted by the coin validator.

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Profiled or grooved token

Profiled or grooved tokens are made with a groove on the front and / or back and are often intended for use only in mechanical coin validators. Due to the uniquely arranged grooves, the tokens fit only to the slot machine and give the system a practical mechanical security feature. Only grooved tokens with the right profile will pass. Profiled or grooved tokens are often used as shower counters, laundry brands, golf brands or for barriers, lockers, light systems, bowling alleys, barriers, solariums or campsites.

Here you will find profiled tokens from reputed manufacturers such as AEG, AUQA, WEG or NZR but also cheap neutral tokens like our standard token type pd25.Profilierte oder gerillte

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