Information about coin machines, tokens and coin validators

coin operated timer

With coin-operated machines and coin-operated timer, any desired services can be simply timed by coin or token. With us you will find a wide range to meet the diverse requirements of various industries, in particular: washing machine, dryer, water, showers, play area, self-service launderette, solarium, tanning salon, parking, lighting, door opening, etc .. Have with us You the choice of different manufacturers such as Beckmann, NZR, Straubtec, Ittermann, etc.

With us you also get many spare parts for cashiers such as: locks, electronics or coin validator.

token and jeton

With us you have a large selection of different tokens and jetons. Tokens can be used in many areas. The tokens are often used as shower counters, park coins, laundry brands or for opening doors. But also for the activation of scales or the issue of golf balls the tokens are used.

Tokens are available in different designs. Here you will find profiled and perforated chips made of iron (brass), but also nickel-plated tokens are possible. We have many original tokens of e.g. NZR, AEG, WEG, AQUA or Miele in the program. But of course, also favorable alterantives are available.

If your token is not listed in our online shop, please contact us. We also gladly send you a token as a sample.