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Miele token

Miele tokens and cheap alternatives

Below you will find original Miele tokens and cheap alternatives. Miele tokens are often used to operate coin-operated equipment on a washing machine or dryer.

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Use of Miele tokens

Unfortunately, washing machine and dryer are often used lavishly by campsite users, marinas, apartments, refugee shelters, hotels, room rentals. By using the Miele token as a make-up brand you can easily calculate the water and electricity costs. A typical use case for coin-operated units is a washing machine within a laundrette. A Miele token is acquired through the exchange of cash or card payment at a machine. A washing machine offers various services (programs) for corresponding Miele washing mats. The throw-in of the washing coin into the corresponding coin-operated equipment and the corresponding program selection offer the possibility to use the services of the washing machine.

Washing marks for Miele cashiers

Especially Miele washing machines and dryers with cashiers often work with Miele tokens. Please pay attention to the Miele parts number. The number can be found directly on the Miele laundry brand. The washing machines / dryers can only be used after the laundry brand has been thrown in. Miele cashiers can be operated in the program or time mode and are the professional solution for the commercial sector.