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Beckmann EMS 335

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Beckmann EMS 335 - The classic from the tanning studios.

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Coin machine Beckmann EMS 335

The fields of application of the chip card and coin machine Beckmann EMS 335 are very diverse. The chip card machines can be found in tanning salons, solariums, sunbeds, massage chairs, horse solariums, etc.

The time selling machine Beckmann EMS 335 can be used flexibly and is based on state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. For maximum security, the Beckmann Münzer is equipped with an electronic coin validator and a chip card reader.

Equipment of the Beckmann EMS 335:

+ electronic coin validator
+ Display via LCD display with 2 lines
+ easy operation via keyboard
+ Chip card reader
+ Main time from 0-60 minutes
+ Lead time, delay time switch-on delay remote start cleaning mode
+ 3 happy hour times discount system adjustable
+ Easy handling thanks to menu-guided, comfortable programming in plain text
+ Statistics for sales, customer,
+  420 x 135 x 135 mm
+ Switching capacity 8 A 

In the coin-operated Beckmann EMS 335 the throw-in of 10 cents to 2 euros is possible. Similarly, with the Beckamann EMS 335 coin acceptor it is possible to accept perforated tokens with 22mm (type M24-6) and 26mm diameter. On the built-in coin acceptors (NRI or WH) you can lock coins or tokens that are not supposed to be accepted. This is possible by DIP switches on the coin validators.

Likewise with the time selling machine Beckmann EMS 335 a payment with chip cards is possible. The coin-operated cars are set to a specific ID. The customer chats must then have the same ID. Foreign cards are not accepted. The settings are made on the EMS 335 with a "master card". With the master card counter readings can be queried, all parameters can be set. Likewise, with the master card of the Beckmann EMS 335 you can charge the customer cards directly on the device.

The Beckmann EMS 335 can be networked with the integrated EMS BUS. In this way, up to 31 individual machines can be networked with one another, without involving a central controller, or having to make changes in the structure of the machines. The bus system works nearly fully automatically, it only needs to be ensured that each network node number is assigned only once. possible to connect a Beckmann Musk Master or a Beckmann TV Intervace. Likewise, with the Beckmann EMS 335 it is possible to make settings on the devices via Internet connection with the PC software EMS-COM or to request sales data.

he Beckmann EMS 335 is also prepared for the future. A software update also allows "special versions" such as fixed price or double price. It is also possible to control the age of the customer in conjunction with a document tester. Keyword Solariengesetz - Sonnen ab 18 The Beckmann EMS 335 complies with the safety regulations according to DIN EN 60335-2-27 if at least the software version V2.31 is used, and the machine with a power supply NT130-3 with date of manufacture from August 2001 is equipped.

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