Display for Remaining time

Below you will find coin machines with a display. The display shows the operating status or remaining time.


Differences of coin machines with display:

Beckmann coin machines

For the Beckmann slot machines EMS 57, EMS 81 and EMS82, a 0 is displayed in the "ready" state. If coins are inserted and the minimum deposit has not yet been reached, the display flashes. When the minimum insertion is reached, the time is displayed and the output is switched. During operation, the time then runs in minutes. The last minute is shown in seconds in the display.

Coin machine NZR ZMZ 0215

The NZR ZMZ 0215 slot machine displays the number and type of coins to be inserted in the two-digit LCD display. After reaching the minimum throw time is displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.

Coin box CSP DUAL

The coin-operated machine CSP DUAL only shows the message "Gerät wählen" in the display. By pressing a button you have to select device 1 or device 2. After that, "Bitte Geld einwerfen" appears in the display. The amount will be shown on the LCD display during the throw-in. Once the minimum insertion has been reached, the device starts and the respective LED display shows the time in minutes.

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